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Welcome to our new initiative. The project delivers new and renovated luxury apartments, well-designed and of undeniable high-quality. The exquisite historical building conveniently located at the intersection of Strossmayerovo Square and Dukelských hrdinů st. offers a distinctive character and prestige. Together with an unsurpassed customer experience we deliver a beautiful ensemble which guarantees to exceed customer expectations.   


flats Holešovice


The Neo-Renaissance facade, boasts ornate gables and roof balustrade. An accurate reconstruction preserves the original character of the building. The newly added superstructure, which includes two upper floors, is in perfect tone with the 19th century style architecture. The restoration respects and prioritizes comfort of public spaces yielding to the highest standards for its future owners. The building has been remodeled to include an elevator for maximum mobility.

Pipes have been refurbished in all common areas with central heating - linked with each single apartment.

The seven-story building offers 22 residential units, from 44 sq. meters to 120 sq. meters. Our clients can choose from a wide range of dispositions of flats. From a 1kk apartment, excellent as an investment, to a more spacious 5kk suitable for families.

Thanks to the superstructure, several penthouse apartments arise on the sixth and seventh floor. There is a terrace on the seventh floor with a view to beautiful city center of Prague. The project is planned for completion at beginning of December 2016.

flats Holešovice

flats Holešovice CATALOGUE OF FLATS flats Holešovice


Apartments 1 to 16 are for sale in the original condition. Dolfin Real Estate may provide reconstruction of the same according to buyer’s requirements and agreement. In this case, the price of the apartment is fixed, including VAT.


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byty vinohrady

Flats 17 to 22 are for sale after the basic overhaul and buyers are free to choose the finishing touches according to their wishes and needs themselves.  These apartments are equipped with heating and electrical installation , air-conditioning system  channels , as well as all the necessary routing  in the bathrooms and kitchens. All prices include VAT.


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flats Holešovice

Location - Prague 7, Holešovice

flats Holešovice

The building is located in the popular district of Prague 7 close to Strossmayrova Square. The location provides a wide range of amenities and easy access to transportation by tram, which stops directly in front of the building, and metro C Vltavska reachable with a convenient 5-minute walk. The two marvelous parks of Letna and Stromovka are also walking distance.

byty Holešovice


byty Holešovice
  1. Financing

Dolfin Real Estate cooperates with Sparkasse Bank AG which is a traditional Austrian independent regional bank providing operations in the Czech market since 1994. Our team is ready to provide our buyers with more information.

  1. Purchase realization



Persons whose purchase intention are expressed verbally, have the right to reserve the property for several days. Once oral terms expire, potential buyers may either commit by signing a reservation or withdraw the initial interest. Buyer who have signed the reservation form as first has the subsequent property purchase priority.



A legally binding reservation is a written contract for deal closure. The seller commits not to offer the property to third parties for the defined booking period expressed in the contract, and buyers confirm their serious interested in property purchase. Reservation contract commits the buyer to pay a 100.000, - CZK, upfront reservation fee (payment) within 5 (five) working days from its signing. Both contracting parties sign an agreement on a future contract on the transfer of ownership of the property (future purchase agreement) or a contract for the transfer of ownership of the property (purchase agreement), no later than the reservation period ends, which is usually 2 (two) to 3 (three) months from the date of signing the reservation contract. In case of signing the purchase agreement, the reservation deposit credited to the final purchasing price. Reservation agreement closure abolishes all previous pre-contract agreement and the purchase contract replacing it. In case buyers do not sing their future purchase contract or purchase contract within his/her reservation contract, reservation deposit is forfeited in favor of the seller.



In some cases, both parties sign future purchase contract before signing a purchase contract itself. This future purchase contract has to be signed by both parties within defined reservation period indicated in the reservation contract. Reservation period is granted to allow the purchaser to define financing through a bank. In the future purchase contract, both parties commit to close a purchase contract within defined contractual time, and by that, they affirm their commitment to a contractual penalty. If this deadline for one of the parties conclude a purchase contract is obligated to the other Party to pay a penalty. If the purchase contract is not closed by one of the parties within defined contractual time, the one will be obligated to pay a penalty. After the closure of a future purchase contract and before closure the purchase agreement, the buyer is obliged to pay the remainder of the purchase price either on the income account, an escrow account at UniCredit Bank or on a storage account advocacy custody lawyer designated by the seller.



In the vast majority of sales, a purchase contract itself is being signed between two parties directly. In this case, the purchase contract has to be signed by parties within defined reservation period which is indicated in the reservation contract. Reservation deadline is defined and granted in case of the need of funding through banks. At signing the contract the buyer has to submit a document which confirms the way of financing the property. The remaining part of the purchase price is paid by the buyer on the income account or the bound escrow account at UnicereditBank or to attorney's custody lawyer, defined by the seller before concluding/signing a purchase contract. In case the seller and the bidder agree that after a reservation contract will conclude/sign a future purchase contract, parties must sign a purchase contract within the agreed time limit specified in the future purchase contract. Further details are explained in the "AGREEMENT ON A FUTURE CONTRACT ON TRANSFER OF PRORERTY OWNERSHIP” (purchase agreement). The contract regarding escrow account or the contract regarding attorney escrow is being closed along with a future purchase contract, or possibly with the purchase contract and serves as a custody of a purchase price.


For the detailed information call our broker + 420 777 779 512.

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